[ kon-yuh-shen-tee, kog-nuh-shen-tee ] noun

A group of people who have a great knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.  

Through genuine collaboration and effective individual change strategies, we believe all stakeholders in the automotive claims industry can grow profitably and deliver an enhanced service to the customer.

The future is as yet unwritten.

At Cognoscenti, we want to work alongside all industry stakeholders to align goals, remove both friction and cost, and deliver socially conscious change strategies for sustainable growth.

We have handpicked a group of senior executives with deep industry knowledge, diverse but complementary experience and skills, who each have the drive and desire to effect change at pace.

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Innovative growth strategies

Requisite, and relevant, leadership skills and support services

Effective execution and tactic establishment

Accretive re-engineering of existing workflows and supply chain relationships.

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Through industry wide customer centric strategies and solutions, we believe that truly inclusive collaboration between all stakeholders in the automotive claims market is possible.

We’re bringing everyone together, for the benefit of all.

Genuine collaboration through true independence.

We want to create awareness of the challenges being faced across all sectors, to help navigate the path to a truly cohesive industry. Whilst there isn’t market wide collaboration currently, there are however, partnerships and sectors fixing issues within their own segments. Our ambition is to bring a consciousness of the wider issues and impacts across the sector of decisions made in isolation.


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We are working with businesses to support them through specific projects offering guidance and advice.

Working across the wider industry and key stakeholders, we are aligning all sectors by truly focusing on the customer.

Andy Warren


Andy has had a diverse career predominantly in large operational and supply chain based roles with global giants such as Microsoft, IBM and for a number of years with The Walt Disney Company in California.

Having headed claims and supply chain at RSA Insurance for several years, his wide-reaching knowledge of claims embraces motor, injury, property, pet, marine and commercial lines.

Acting as one of the senior management team acquiring and running a chain of body shops for RSA, his empathy to both repairers, work providers, operators and suppliers alike is refreshing and innovative.

Andy works closely and advises industry technology businesses and spent a couple of years working in the USA with insuretech start-ups before returning to the UK to work with Dave Shepherd at Audatex. He is currently assisting the fast growing insurance consolidator, Atlanta, with integration of their claims businesses Swinton, Carol Nash and Autonet.

Dave Shepherd


Dave has been in the vehicle repair and claims business for most of his working life, has a curious open mind, deep industry and commercial experience including setting up, acquiring, and selling several businesses throughout his career that includes thirteen years in various international roles at senior executive level with Solera, a global technology business.

Dave delivers solutions to complex problems by ensuring all stakeholder understanding is aligned and the subsequent requirements are properly understood with all partners collectively engaged to formulate solutions. 

Kate Goodwin


Kate is a knowledgeable and capable strategic thinker, with eyes firmly set on the horizon and the customer journey. An experienced non-executive Director with great people and communication skills, Kate offers strategic support and best practice guidance for businesses operating in the claim and repair arena.

Kate has a unique view of the collision repair sector having successfully operated in various roles at all levels in both the supply and procurement sides of the industry. Most notably heading up a leading repair network, bringing insurers, repairers, and suppliers together, and enjoying senior roles within several major repair groups. Kate brings an enviable level of knowledge, understanding and empathy to any challenge.

Over the last year, Kate has developed a coaching and mentoring business specifically focussed on middle managers, with particular interest in bodyshop management and people re-entering the workplace after a career break.

Kate is a staunch supporter of the collision industry, committed to supporting the supply chain through the current time of development and change.